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Insurance Rating Software is a web based insurance rating software company currently offering dental insurance quotes for individual and family dental plans in all 50 states for agents, brokers, and insurance companies.. The insurance rating software automates rate management and policy underwriting for insurance agencies. software offers comparative and custom rating software to independent insurance agents , insurance companies, while providing real time comparative rating and agency management software to independent insurance agents nationwide.


dental plans, discount dental plans, california dental insuranceHere is how the Insurance Rating Software Works


The online client while on your web site or one that you lease from us enters their zip code. The results are then displayed from the least expensive insurance premium. An insurance company dental plan or dental discount plan is selected, the application is completed by the client in a real time format.


dental plans, discount dental plans, california dental insuranceHow much does the Insurance Rating Software cost?


Your monthly service fee depends of course on the plan you select. We can custom build an interactive directory to quickly narrow your choices for multiple vendors. The website integration is nearly seamless and you can enjoy the benefits of online rating at your clients fingertips...




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